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 #27 - PEARL HARBOR raid - Soryu's fighters

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Sidnei E. Maneta
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PostSubject: #27 - PEARL HARBOR raid - Soryu's fighters   Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:05 am

BI-112 was flown (possibly) by Fujita's # 3 wingman, PO2c Takashi Okamoto - second wave

Lt. Fujita photo #1
At 9:15 Lt. Fujita's A6M2 was hit by American P-36s led by Lt. Lew Sanders. His plane was hit and considered shot down
by the American pilot. A6M2s and P-36s were in dogfight. Fujita was not out of action and shot down the P-36 flown by
2nd Lt. Gordon Sterling. After the aerial combat Fujita fled north with Iida's two wingmen but his aircraft was damaged.
Fujita set course directly for the Soryu carrier. His plane's engine was in trouble, but jhe was able to arrive at 11:45.
After touchdown, a cyllinder fell down. You can read about Soryu's fighters combat action at “Pearl Harbor’s lost P-36”,
by David Aiken, Flight Journal.

BI-150 was flown by a shotaicho, PO1c Kiichi Oda - second wave.

BI-153 was flown by a wingman.

BI-154 was flown by a wingman.

BI-156 was flown by a wingman.

Lt. Fusata Iida
The Japanese officer, Lt. Iida, shot down in the attack, is buried with military honors near Kanehohe bay.
Source: book Pearl Harbor, by A. J. Barker, Purnell's History of the Second World War, 1970. Lt. Fusata Iida's Zero
tail code is unknown but some artists did B1-151. Its tail code belonged to Iyozo Fujita's A6M2 at Kendari Field,
Celebes 21-25 Feb, 1942. Soryu's 9 fighters of the Second Wave were led by Lt. Fusata Iida and escorted 18 Shokaku's Kates. Soryu's 6 Zeros fighters strafed Kaneohe NAS at 9:05. Lt. Iida's Zero was hit but he led his shotai back to the formation.
At 9:12 he waved Sayonara and dived to a solo strafe. This was Iida's "last hurrah" and he crashed into
hillside on the base. Other Zero was hit and begins to smoke, but made it back to the carrier.

BI-181 was flown by a buntaicho, Lt. Masaji Suganami - first wave.

Lt. Masaji Suganami photo #1
Lt. Suganami led 8 Zeros at Pearl Harbor attack and made three strafing runs at Wheeler Field between dive-bombers
runs, them headed towards Ewa Field and strafed American aircraft on the ground. Later, Suganami led 9 Zeros at
Midway Attack. He lost his life during Guadalcanal campaign, in one dogfight with F4Fs in 12, November, 1942.

BI-183 was flown by a wingman - First wave.

BI-184 was flown by a shotaicho - First wave.

BI-185 was flown by a wingman.

BI-186 was flown by a wingman PO1c Isao Doikawa - First wave.
At 08:00 hrs, 18 SBDs from the USS Enterprise commenced their approach to Ford Island. Some were stitched by
enemy aircraft, and hungry American anti-aircraft batteries also sought them out. PO1c Isao Doikawa claimed three
SBD Dauntlesses shot down and PO3C Shinichi Suzuki claimed two more. Zeros shot down four. One SBD was hit by
a Val, and its crew is still missing. Other SBD was shot down by American Anti-Aircraft fire.
INFO CREDIT: David Aiken and book PEARL HARBOR 1941 - The day of infamy, by Carl Smith, and additional research
by David Aiken, Osprey Publishing.

BI-189 was flown by a wingman, PO2c Kaname Yoshimatsu - First wave

Zero smoking over Pearl Harbor photo #1

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#27 - PEARL HARBOR raid - Soryu's fighters
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