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 #26 - PEARL HARBOR raid - Kaga's fighters

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Sidnei E. Maneta
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PostSubject: #26 - PEARL HARBOR raid - Kaga's fighters   Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:06 am

AII-101 was flown by Lt. Shiga during training at Saeki Air Base.
The skill of the Japanese pilots and the incredibly low altitudes at which they flew made the indelible impression on
many survivors. The planes were flying so low that the pilots goggles were clear visible. Someone says that was possible
to see the expression on their faces. During the strafing, a first wave Kaga's fighter hits its belly tank on Hickam's runway
but gets airborne enough to crash in the ocean south of Oahu. Several people witnessed this Japanese pilot skimming
along the parking ramp so low that his aircraft's propeller tips flicked the asphalt and the belly tank scraped off, scooting
down the ramp. He finally pulled up, crashing into the sea. Others observers stated that a Japanese plane touch down on
Runway 3, sit there for a fraction of a second, then take off again. A radio operator says: "It was as if the Japanese pilot
wanted to touch American soil and go back to his carrier with a good story...".

AII-105 was flown by a Buntaicho, Lt. Yoshio Shiga.

Lt. Yoshio Shiga photo #1
Kaga's first wave Fighter Combat Unit 9 planes was led by Lt. Yoshio Shiga. This Buntai (9 planes unit) spirals down to attack Hickam Army air base at 08:05. The strafing runs hits the streets behind the barracks. One Zero hits its belly tank on Hickam's runway but gets airborne enough to crash in the ocean south of Oahu. After the work done, Kaga's 8 fighters flew to Ewa to strafing grounded aircraft. Another of its Zero fighter was lost off shore of Camp Malakole. The two Kaga's A6M2 losses of the
first wave were flown by PO1c Toru Haneda and by PO2c Seinoshin Sano. Kaga's pilots claimed the destruction of 22 American marines aircraft.

AII-107 was flown by a wingman - possibly second wave.

AII-109 was flown by a wingman - second wave.

AII-121 was flown by a Buntaicho - second wave.
Kaga's second wave Fighter Combat Unit 9 planes was led by Lt. Yasushi Nikaido. This Buntai (9 planes unit) head for Hickam, strafing the base and supported Shindo's fighters from Akagi at 09:05. After the Kaga's Zeros strafed Hickam,
they made a single strafing of the south tip of Ford Island and flew on to Wheeler Field for a short strafing run at 09:15
and they head home to their carrier. On return to the carrier, Kaga second wave pilots reported 26 American aircraft hit
on the ground by strafing. Kaga's fighters total losses at Pearl harbor were 4 fighters.

AII-127 was flown by a wingman.
COLOR PROFILE CREDIT: book Mechanism of IJN Aircraft Carriers, volume #2, by publisher Kojinsha.

AII-167 was flown by a wingman.

AII-168 was flown by a shotaicho - first wave.

PO1c Akira Yamamoto photo #1
During the attack on Pearl Harbor, PO1c Akira Yamamoto served as Shotaicho (leader of 3 planes unit) of the 4th Shotai
in the first wave fighter escort. Immediately before arriving in the target area PO1c Yamamoto discovered a civilian sightseeing aircraft enjoying a leisurely Sunday morning cruise. With one burst of gunfire, Yamamoto shot down the
aircraft at about 08:05. He next moved in to strafe Hickam Field where he claimed six aircraft destroyed on the ground. When he returned Yamamoto received credit for the first victory of the Pacific War.

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#26 - PEARL HARBOR raid - Kaga's fighters
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