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 #21 - PEARL HARBOR raid - Soryu's high level bombers

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Sidnei E. Maneta
Sidnei E. Maneta

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PostSubject: #21 - PEARL HARBOR raid - Soryu's high level bombers   Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:10 am

BI-312 was flown by a wingman.

Battleship Row photo #1

The "800kg bomb" was technically a "Type 99 Number 80 Mark 5 Bomb" and really weighed 796.8kg.
It was a turned down 40cm armor piercing projectile. It had only two tail fuses. The bomb was 92.1 inches
long (234cm), 16.1 inches in diameter (40.9cm), and could penetrate 150mm of armor plate. There was only
one 800kg bomb that was successful in the Pearl Harbor Operation. The nose was marked with a green tip and
a wide white band, the body was gray-green. Bomb racks were black. Only 49 high-level Kates from
Akagi, Kaga, Soryu and Hiryu used these weapons and it was used only at Pearl Harbor.
INFO CREDIT: Mr. David Aiken

800 kg bomb photo #1
An 800kg gray-green bomb of the type which destroyed the USS Arizona.
The 200mm white nose and the white on the tail strap confirms that this example has no explosive inside,
thus is meant for classroom study. The 50mm green nose tip and 150mm white ring (aft of the green) and
NO color added to the tail is the marking configuration of the bomb on 7 Dec 1941: AI-316 shows a good example.
Note the partial dismemberment of this classroom bomb and one of the two tail fuses is missing.
INFO CREDIT: Mr. David Aiken

BI-318 was flown by a wingman.
The crew were PO Haruo Sato (pilot), PO1c Noboru Kanai (observer) and PO2c Yoshikazu Hanada (gunner/radioman).
BI-318, a Model 3 from the Soryu Air Group. This machine was assigned to the Soryu's 1st chutai as the 2nd aircraft of
the 1st shotai in the first wave. BI-318 and its crew would be lost two weeks later over Wake Island, shot down by
American fighters F4F-3.

800kg bomb size and one pilot

800 kg bomb photo #2

BI-320 was flown by a shotaicho. The crew of this machine was PO1c Kiyoshi Shintani (pilot), Lt. JG Sadao Yamamoto (observer) and PO3c Shiro Suzuki (gunner/radioman).

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#21 - PEARL HARBOR raid - Soryu's high level bombers
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