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 #37 - December, 1941

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#37 - December, 1941 M5On6L2
IJN Ryujo photo #1
On 6 December 1941, the Philippine Operations activated, IJN Ryujo depart Palau for offensive,
screened by CruDiv 5. On 8 December 1941, launched strike against Davao.
On 20 to 25 December1941, IJN Ryujo is attached to Rear Admiral Tanka Raizo's Attack Force with CruDiv 5’s
NACHI, HAGURO and MYOKO to cover the landings at Davao and Jolo respectively. On 26 December 1941,
return to Palau upon completion of the operations. Reassigned tactically to the Main Unit Southern Force
(Carrier Division 4, 1st Air Fleet). On 22 December 1941, IJN Shoho assigned to 1st Air Fleet, CarDiv 4.
INFO CREDIT: www.combinedfleet.com.

#37 - December, 1941 Sz37a7N
D-115 was flown by a wingman.

#37 - December, 1941 XPzsvNr
Ryujo's B5N2 photo # 1
One Ryujo’s Kate attacking USS W. B. Preston. On 8 december 1941, right after dawn, nine A5M4s and 13 B5N1
and 2s under Lt. Takahide Aioi took off from light carrier Ryujo and attacked the naval base of Davao on Mindanao island
(South Philippines). While there, the bombers attacked the seaplane base ship Willian B.Preston, scoring nil, while the A5M4s strafed and destroyed two Consolidated PBY from the 10 Pat Wing. One B5N2 and two A5M4 were hit by ground fire,
the bomber force-landed on the water, and the crew was rescued by a supervising destroyer. Three hours later,
two B5N2 and three A5M4s made a second attack. They struck at and unidentified warship and fuel tanks.
One A5M4 force-landed near Davao; the pilot, PO2c Hiroshi Kawanishi, preferred a suicide to captivity.
INFO CREDIT: book 3-202 kokutai, Kagero, by Waldemar Pajdosz and Andre R. Zbiegniewski + www.combinedfleet.com

#37 - December, 1941 A2d9aaN
D-301 was flown by a hikotaicho. Be aware that the Ryujo had the tail code "D-" PRIOR to the IJN Shoho
joining the 4th CV Division, then the Ryujo tail codes changed to "DI-".
INFO CREDIT: Mr. David Aiken.
PHOTO CREDIT: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/summer-ochibo/

#37 - December, 1941 H6hdSkT
Ryujo's B5N2 photo # 2
D-301 was flown by a hikotaicho. MARU Dec 1984 edition printed excerpts from "Carrier Ryujo's Battle" written
by a mechanic. Within the volume the mechanic shows photos of Ryujo B5Ns. The tail codes fall in two number
ranges, the "30x" series which were B5N2s, and "35x" which were B5N1s; one exception was B5N2 tail code "324"
which was transferred from the 5th CV Division.
INFO CREDIT: Mr. David Aiken. PHOTO CREDIT: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/summer-ochibo/

#37 - December, 1941 J0Fwydi
Ryujo's B5N2 photo # 3
The big mount is Mayon volcano, near Legazpi city, Philippines. According to Mr. Aiken, this photo shows
Ryujo’s B5N2 Hikotaicho Lt Murakami. See three yellow horizontal stripes. Its tail code is D-301. This photo was
made on 12 December 1941 over Philippines, when IJN Ryujo was guard duty for the invasion of Legaspi.
On 14 December 1941, return to Palau. On 17 December 1941, depart Palau; continuing covering operations in the
Philippines, primarily the invasion of Davao. On 19 December 1941, 200 miles East of Davao, Philippines, IJN Chitose
launches planes to reconnoiter Davao and the light carrier RYUJO launches six planes to attack the radio station
at Cape San Augustin.
INFO CREDIT: K. Natsuya + Mr. David Aiken and www.combinedfleet.com

#37 - December, 1941 BI2NqaX
Ryujo's B5N1 photo #4

#37 - December, 1941 Hdb5AnW
BI-318 was flown by a wingman. The crew were PO Haruo Sato (pilot), PO1c Noboru Kanai (observer)
and PO2c Yoshikazu Hanada (gunner/radioman). This plane was shot down by one American F4F-3
during the bombing of December 22, 1941. All crew perished.

#37 - December, 1941 WcxC5wE
BI-318 photo #1
BI-318, a Model 3 from the Soryu Air Group. The crew were PO Haruo Sato (pilot), PO1c Noboru Kanai (observer)
and PO2c Yoshikazu Hanada (gunner/radioman). BI-318 and its crew were lost over Wake Island, shot down
by one American fighter F4F-3.
This photo was taken moments after the bombing run and moments before to be shot down.

#37 - December, 1941 AXhEBjH
BI-306 was flown by a buntaicho. The crew was Lt. Rokurõ Kikuchi (pilot and buntaicho), WO Noriyoshi Yumoto (navigator/observer) and PO1c Hironori Narasaki (gunner/radioman).
During Pearl Harbor raid, Lt. Kikuchi Rokurõ was a spare pilot. He had flown his first Pacific war combat mission
during Wake island attack, with two Pearl Harbor veterans: WO Noriyoshi and PO1c Narasaki.

#37 - December, 1941 AtvTahd
CI-102 was flown by a wingman of carrier Zuiho.

#37 - December, 1941 LUkZCjU
CII-102 was flown by a wingman of carrier Hosho.

#37 - December, 1941 1aO2822
CII-103 was flown by a wingman of carrier Hosho.

#37 - December, 1941 G22G4Vm
CII-104 was flown by a wingman of carrier Hosho.

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#37 - December, 1941
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