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 #15 - PEARL HARBOR raid - The voyage and reconnaissance flights

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Sidnei E. Maneta

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PostSubject: #15 - PEARL HARBOR raid - The voyage and reconnaissance flights   Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:14 am

Hittokapu bay photo #1

High seas photo #1

Akagi's Zero and Kates
A shot of the Akagi flight deck on the voyage to Hawaii. Notice Shotaicho marked AI-110 at left.

Jake from Chikuma
JII-1 was flown by PO1c Akira Itô (Pilot), PO Masaaru Fukuoka (Observer) and PO3c Fushanobu Kasamori (gunner).
At 0530 hrs this IJN cruiser Chikuma's three-seater Aichi E13A1 "Jake" flew to Pearl Harbor anchorage to survey
target area and report on the conditions. At 0645 hrs Chikuma's E13A1 track was picked up by Oahu based US Army
mobile radar post at Opana Ridge. At 0735 hrs the Japanese crew reported: "Enemy formation at anchor, nine battleships, one heavy cruiser, six light cruisers". The pilot related conditions important to the approaching first wave: "Wind direction from 80º, speed 14m, clearance over enemy fleet 1,700m, cloud density seven." Then at 0738 hrs radioed,
"The enemy fleet in Pearl Harbor". Having reported, the pilot swept wide to the south, trying to find the American carriers.
INFO CREDIT: A. J. Barker, Carl Smith and David Aiken.
The artwork is based on research done by M. Akimoto, 1961 and Aireview 1965.

Lahaina's Japanese map
A three-seater Aichi E13A1 "Jake" observation plane catapulted from the cruiser Tone at 0530 hrs began its solo flight
towards Lahaina anchorage, of Maui Island, 80 miles southeast of Oahu,. Its order - survey target and see if
US navy ships were there. At 0735 hrs, this plane reported: "Enemy... not in Lahaina anchorage.".
This chart shows the plans to attack this place too. "Photo #: 80-G-3914 Japanese Chart of Lahaina Anchorage, Maui,
Hawaii. Recovered from a Japanese Navy aircraft downed during the attack on Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941.
The chart identifies ship mooring locations and is entitled (at upper left): "Report on positions of enemy fleet at
anchorage B". The chart identifies mooring locations with a radial grid. Sectors and distances are coded by single
katakana figures. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives."

Jake from Tone
JI-1 was flown by PO1c Yoichi Takahashi (Pilot), PO Ryozo Narukawa (Observer) and PO2c Nobuo Oku (gunner).
At 0530 hrs this IJN cruiser Tone's three-seater Aichi E13A1 "Jake" flew to Lahaina Roads anchorage (off Maui island,
80 miles southwest of Oahu) to survey target area and report on the conditions. At 0735 hrs the crew reported:
"The enemy fleet is not in the Lahaina anchorage." Note the WHITE surround to the hinomaru seen in photos of the E13A
crew photos made on TONE (pronunced "TOE-nay") in Jan and Feb 1942.
INFO CREDIT: David Aiken, Carl Smith and "Shinjuwan Kogekitai (Pearl Harbor Attack Units) by K. Osuo
(Tokyo: Model Art; Oct 1991) page 45 and 143.
The artwork is based on research done by M. Akimoto, 1961, and Aireview 1965.
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#15 - PEARL HARBOR raid - The voyage and reconnaissance flights
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